The Inclusive Educator’s mission is to improve outcomes for as many individuals with disabilities as possible through the coaching, consulting, and training of Inclusionary Practices.


Here at The Inclusive Educator, we envision a world where everyone’s unique gifts are celebrated and where all people, regardless of ability, are able to reach self-actualization and be happy, contributing members of society.

With dignity and equity in mind, we seek to foster a world where individuals with disabilities feel a deeper sense of belonging in their communities, where access to quality, inclusive education is prioritized, and unique talents and gifts are harnessed in the classroom and their community at large.

Through coaching, consulting, and training, The Inclusive Educator aims to bring support and resources to schools, loved ones, and businesses who want to improve their Inclusionary Practices as a means of improving access and outcomes for ALL of their community members and loved ones.

About The Founder

Bre is a certified Special Education teacher with a deep passion for helping individuals with disabilities succeed in inclusive settings. She has spent over 10 years working with children who have a wide range of educational and personal needs, both in a school setting as well as in the home. Bre has a diverse educational background with degrees and certifications in Psychology, Abnormal Child Psychology, Teaching, Special Education, Inclusion, and Applied Behavior Analysis. Her unique educational background and experience have helped her in obtaining a variety of positions working directly and indirectly serving people with unique gifts. Bre has always felt very strongly that all individuals have the right to a quality education, and through their education, they will become self-actualized, happy, and contributing members of society. Bre attributes her success in the field of special education to focusing on individual strengths, prioritizing collaboration, and her continued education in related fields.

Bre is a Pacific Northwest native who enjoys all of the things the vast PNW outdoor playground has to offer! When she’s not working, you can often find her on or near the water, in the mountains with her dog Ziggy, walking the city with her camera in hand, or spending time with friends and family. Bre is an avid yogi, world traveler, and considers herself a lifelong learner. After pre-cancerous cells were detected, Bre became a fierce supporter of early breast cancer screenings. Hear her early detection story here.  She has recently rediscovered her love for dancing and has been having fun honing her tap technique!